this is about a roblox myth named cayrecke this is just the back story how he became a myth. Made By - Chase Correa And Yamil Santos.

On 2/16/19 the roblox myth CayRecke joined roblox. And it Begins here!

One day, a kid named CayRecke and his family was travling to the Death Forest. when they got there they got started unpacking and when were done unpacking they set up there tent and got everything done with but it was still the afternoon so they all decided to go to the pond near by to get some fish to take home. when they were done there was a creepy looking man came by with his fishing rod. the guy had a black hoodie and for some reason black gloves they didn't think much of it when they got there fish in there little pot they went back to camp. by now it was night time and Cayrecke got a wired feeling someone was watching him. but he just told himself he was going a little crazy and to just to think of something he liked. They got to there camp and started to get ready for bed. but then CayRecke got the feeling he was being watched again but then his dad said time to sleep and the family got in to bed. At 2:34 Am he woke up to the sound of foot steps when he went out to see what was outside. And there was no one there so he woke his dad up. his dad loaded his shotgun and went outside to see if anyone was out there. It was to dark to see anything so they both went to there tent and went back to sleep. CayRecke woke up very early in the morning and he saw wired footsteps right next to his tent. He went to look at the back of his tent and he saw a knife by his tent and it looked pretty sharp. He ran over to his mom and she just said somebody just dropped it while hunting. so CayRecke just went on with his day. later that night they were getting ready for bed and they got into bed and they started sleeping. when the morning came Cayrecke woke up early once again. and he got out of his tent. he saw the guy with black cloths and a gun and it went black.

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